Are you an advisor looking to grow your business and build long-lasting partnerships?

If so, this episode with tax accountant Ken Coburn of Coburn’s Tax Services’ is for you!

This week, Ken joins Jonathan Kuttin to reveal how working with vetted financial professionals has contributed to the growth of his business, successfully managing over 145 businesses. Ken also provides must-know advice to all advisors looking to build value within relationships.

Ken discusses:

  • Developing professionalism and transparency within advisory teams 
  • Why weekly meetings are critically important for partnership success 
  • The importance of treating all your clients as your million-dollar clients 
  • How outsourcing the financial planning division impacted his business and relationships
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Kennith Coburn: Is experienced in tax return preparation and planning needs, Ken is an IRS-registered tax preparer in Nesconset, New York, associated with Coburn’s Tax Service. If you are a taxpayer or a small business owner, Ken’s services can be just right for you.