To scale your practice beyond a certain level, you’ll need to add more advisors to your team.

But how do you ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities without hindering the client experience?

In this episode, Jon describes how he helps advisors grow from a one-person practice to a team of multiple competent advisors. He shares his simple step-by-step guide, explaining how to create the time you need to accelerate your business development process, something that will ultimately lead you to the Quantum Growth you’ve always been looking for!

Jon discusses:

  • How to overcome the “control-freak” mindset
  • Repeatable growth strategies you can implement in 90-day increments
  • How to apply the DOC (Demonstrate, Observe, Confirm) rule to coach and train junior advisors
  • Tips to stop working IN the business, and start working ON the business
  • And more!


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