Everyone should know that leadership is the “secret sauce” to growth and scale.  You can’t do everything yourself.

However, it’s all too common to see advisors get stuck “in the weeds” with all of the information out in the marketplace today.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin speaks with Dr. Ray Kelly of think2perform.  Together, they discuss the current “leadership crisis” that is taking place and why yesterday’s solutions may not necessary be the solution to tomorrow’s problems. They also share basic and actionable strategies to start to take the first steps to make scaling your business a reality.

Ray Kelly discusses:

  • Breaking down leadership intelligence into 3 unique facets – IQ, TQ and EQ
  • The concept of Brain, Back or Pocketbook and why most people have been conditioned by society to put everything on themselves.
  • The no entitlement mentality and why it’s ALWAYS on the leader.
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Ray began his career after receiving his BBA from the University of Michigan. His first position was as a financial analyst with IDS in Minneapolis. While working at IDS, he was a recipient of the highest award for employees – the Premier Performer Award.

After moving to Dallas, Ray spent 13 years growing and building one of the most successful sales office groups for American Express Financial Advisors/Ameriprise Financial in the history of the company.

Ray’s offices were recognized annually for top sales growth, retention, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction. His focus on a creating a “Leaderful Culture” allowed his group to influence the larger national organization on nearly all major initiatives and created the opportunity for over a dozen of his leaders to be promoted to other positions across the company.

Ray has a passion for helping people reach their potential and shaping cultures in which they live. He offers executive coaching/mentoring to leaders of all levels and conducts proven breakthrough leadership development training. He is a sought after national public speaker with an exceptional ability to move people from complacency, to laughter, to tears, to action.

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