If you’re looking for a 3-in-1 solution for attracting ideal prospects, improving client retention, and becoming more referable, we have the answer for you.

Start your own podcast!

In this episode, Jon Kuttin speaks with Matt Halloran, co-founder and chief relationship officer at ProudMouth, about how podcasting helps advisors connect with clients and prospects on a personal level, and build a strong following of raving fans who will seek you out instead of you having to chase them. Matt also explains the complete process that goes into creating a successful podcast.

Matt discusses:

  • Simple exercises to generate new podcast ideas and never run out of topics
  • How podcasting helps you reach a specific niche within your community
  • Ways you can achieve quantum growth despite a low number of podcast downloads
  • Tips to scale your credibility among centers of influence (COIs)
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Matt Halloran got started in the financial services industry 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach. As he became immersed in his client’s biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert. More recently, Matt has added podcasting to that list. Matt respects how tough it is to be great and effective at marketing while running a practice, living a life, and loving a family. He teaches advisors how to be themselves, let their passions shine through, and create strong brands that resonate with ideal prospects and centers of influence.