Do you have an aging clientele? What happens when they pass away?

Research shows that in such situations, most heirs transfer their assets to another advisor, resulting in “heir leak”.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin is joined by Bill Good, the chairman and founder of Bill Good Marketing, to help advisors minimize heir leak within their practice and retain clients for multiple generations. Bill shares how you can enhance your CRM system to build long-term relationships with both clients and their heirs.

Bill discusses:

  • Eye-opening statistics that will compel you to start thinking about heir leak
  • How to rebrand yourself as a “family advisor” instead of serving an individual client
  • Reasons to incorporate hand-written letters into your CRM (with examples)
  • Tips to train your next-gen advisors for improving client retention
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Bill Good has been coaching financial advisors since 1977. He is a frequently sought keynote speaker and has personally delivered over 1,000 seminars. Authoring two popular books, “Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success” and “Hot Prospects,” Bill has helped hundreds of FAs become millionaires themselves. Bill Good Marketing’s primary prospect is an advisor looking to double their production, teaching them how to do client marketing, prospecting, and building a million-dollar practice using their system.