Moving from a small practice to a big enterprise can require many fundamental business changes.

How do you identify those changes? And more importantly, how do you prioritize them?

Find the answers to these questions in today’s episode as Jon Kuttin interviews Jennifer Goldman, CFP®, founder of Jennifer Goldman Consulting. Jennifer shares some powerful growth strategies that she has used to help transform over 1,000+ service businesses.

Jennifer discusses:

  • How to build a supportive organizational culture through “life-career mission statements”
  • Simple processes to help you recognize your goals and act on them
  • Tips for attracting and retaining top talent within your organization
  • Best practices to train your C-suite team and other key employees
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Jennifer Goldman brings 30 years of experience transforming over 1,000+ service businesses to thrive for generations. Her proven transformation methods include IDEOS™, Business Plan Prioritization Visualization, Design Thinking, and Collaboration. Jen has been published in Inc Magazine, Tech Tools for Today’s High-Margin Practice, Liberated CEO, and trade publications. She also taught workshops and has spoken at several national conferences. Jen is passionate about teaching service businesses to thrive and embrace operational changes to help more consumers.

If you need to foster change within your organization or need to learn more about these processes, you can search for change management training that will help your organization needs.