Improving your client engagement makes you far more referable. Plus, it opens the doors for valuable feedback that helps your advisory practice grow!

In this episode, Jon Kuttin speaks with Julie Littlechild, the founder and CEO at Absolute Engagement and the co-host of the Becoming Referable podcast. Julie shares proven strategies (backed by comprehensive market research) to improve client communication and build lasting relationships.

Julie discusses:

  • Important aspects of client experience that you shouldn’t overlook
  • A simple process that takes you from the “referral” stage to the “introduction” stage
  • How to discover your clients’ deepest needs through surveys
  • How to turn survey data into actionable steps to achieve your unique objectives
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Julie Littlechild is a recognized expert on the drivers and evolution of client experience, client engagement, and referral growth. At Absolute Engagement, she is responsible for designing the firm’s strategic vision and product roadmap, conducting ongoing investor and advisor research, driving firm growth, and representing the company on conference stages around the world. Julie has worked with and studied successful financial advisors and their clients for more than twenty-five years. Before founding Absolute Engagement, she launched and ran one of the industry’s leading research firms, focused on client engagement.