Are you a leader? What should a leader look like in your workplace? 

Having effective leadership within a workplace and providing valuable tools and tactics for individuals to grow their own leadership skills is beneficial for every avenue of a business.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin talks to Ray Kelly, Senior Vice President & Consultant at Think2Perform. Ray highlights the importance of The 5 Levels of Leadership, The Situational Leadership Model, and ways you can identify your and your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve your level of leadership.

Ray discusses:

  • The five levels of leadership and how to identify each of them
  • Ways you can move yourself and your team up the leadership ladder 
  • How to apply The Situational Leadership Model for different scenarios of your business
  • Teaching CPAs The Situational Leadership Model to build successful relationships and a more proactive workplace 
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Ray Kelly has been with Think2Perform since 2010. He has dedicated the majority of his career to the sales side of the business and focuses on developing high-performance leaders and teams. Ray has a passion for helping people reach their potential and shape the cultures they live in through breakthrough leadership development training.