As the advice industry evolves, Financial Advisors, Attorneys and other Professionals are continuously making more of a concerted effort to seek out other Centers of Influence and Referral Sources to grow their practices.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin speaks with Lisa Roser, Head of Marketing & Sales at Lawyers with Purpose.  Listen in as they explore how estate planners and elder law attorneys are evolving their offerings to end clients and learn how financial advisors, planners and wealth managers can all work together with a collaborative approach to achieve better outcomes.

Lisa and Jon also talk through strategies to win over attorney partnerships and how advisors can start to think creatively with their approach.

Listen in to learn how to get more involved with attorneys in your area and see how Lawyers with Purpose may be able to help!

Lisa discusses:

  • Lawyers with Purpose’s outlook on the law and advice industry and how both are starting to become more and more collaborative as time goes on
  • How Lawyers with Purpose helps attorneys grow in 4 focused ways
  • How to create a win-win environment for an estate planner or elder law attorney to partner with an advisor
  • Creative ideas that advisors and attorneys can collaborate on to start to develop their approach to engage end clients together.
  • The unique value proposition of Lawyers with Purpose and how they help attorneys, advisors and also accountants grow.
  • Content marketing ideas that address end clients.
  • Guidr – a tool for advisors to provide end clients legal services that is backed by a local attorney in their area
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Lisa Roser is the Head of Marketing & Sales at Lawyers with Purpose.  Lisa has 20 years of experience in the marketing industry and has been working with the firm alongside founder Dave Zumpano for over 10 years helping to integrate marketing and content creation into the firm’s makeup and formal offering.