It’s 2022 and seemingly the 10 year bull market in US equities has come to an abrupt end.  

If you are an advisor in transition or a newer advisor to the industry, this type of environment may not be familiar or comfortable for you to make a business move or service your valued clients.

Listen in to a special joint episode with Jon Kuttin & Frank LaRosa, founder, and CEO of Elite Consulting Partners and host of the top-rated podcast and YouTube Channel “Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa.  Together, they share hands-on strategies to help advisors make smart decisions when moving their business and avoid common mistakes during down or volatile markets. 

Through Frank’s countless engagements with advisors in transition at Elite Consulting Partners, and Jon’s 15+ year experience with acquisitions in the industry and know-how of running a large wealth management firm throughout all market cycles, together they paint the full picture for advisors looking to navigate changes during volatile markets, just like we are all living through today.

Whether you’re moving from one firm to another, going independent, or preparing for an exit – keeping these tips in mind will help you make a decision, and make that with confidence.

Together, Jon and Frank discuss:

  • The importance of communication with your clients during uncertain times and how a “well trained” client and a great client service process can actually help your business during volatile markets.
  • The latest trends amongst advisors that are moving across wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, and RIAs as they keep market volatility at the forefront of their decision making process.
  • A breakdown of how to think about your production and revenue and overall business as an advisor in a down market.
  • An update on the M&A space as interest rates and volatility have become more relevant in valuations.
  • And much more timely information!


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About our Guest:

Frank LaRosa has achieved a distinguished career in financial services, spanning more than 25 years. Frank is a sought-after industry leader whose expert opinion is frequently quoted in publications including Investment News, OnWallStreet, AdvisorHub, and Forbes Business Council. Frank began his career in the business sector after graduating from Kean University with a B.S. in marketing. His resume includes financial advisor positions at Smith Barney and Prudential Securities, as well as executive director for Morgan Stanley. In 2011, Frank launched his company Elite Consulting Partners, a transition consulting firm with a unique, advisor-first approach to recruiting. Under Frank’s leadership, Elite Consulting Partners has become one of the most prominent, successful, and well-respected recruiting firms in the industry.