As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be coming to an end, advisors and clients alike are getting back out into the world and engaging with each other in a face-to-face setting again.

Like Jonathan Kuttin, many financial advisors that started their careers in the 1990’s utilized educational and dinner seminars to build out their client base and books of business.  The issue is, there is a ton of work and preparation behind the scenes that goes into planning and executing on a successful seminar.    In our experience, most advisors really want to focus on the follow-up – the prospecting portion of the event, NOT the planning and execution.

So how has this prospecting process changed in 2022 for advisors?

Listen in to the week’s episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors to find how you can still make seminars a key marketing activity for your practice.  This week, we chatted with Brad Swineheart, SVP at White Glove for an introduction to White Glove’s unique approach for systemizing the dinner seminar process for financial advisors and teams.

Learn how dinner seminars have evolved into the post-pandemic world in 2022 and how advisors are leveraging White Glove and their services as a revenue-generating tool.

Continuing Jon’s internalization of Dan Sullivan’s “who not how” concept, should White Glove be your “who” for dinner seminars?

Listen-in and decide for yourself!

Together, Jon and Brad discuss:

  • The importance of engaging your clients in a personal setting in a post-pandemic world.
  • The typical issues and roadblocks with planning impactful seminars and events in-house.
  • How top advisors are leveraging outsourced seminar planning.
  • A breakdown of how White Glove can systemize the seminar process for advisors, and a breakdown of typical ROI with White Glove’s data from conducting thousands of seminars for advisors.
  • And much more information!


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About our Guest:

Brad Swineheart is the host and creator of Be Advised, a leading financial adviser podcast and the SVP of White Glove.  Over the past five years, Brad has significantly contributed to the success of White Glove — joining White Glove in its infancy, which allowed the company to service more than 10,000 financial professionals and educate more than 500,000 potential clients. In his current role as senior vice president of business development, Brad creates strategic partnerships with financial institutions across the U.S. and Canada. He is dedicated to helping firms exceed revenue goals organically with strategies to generate new prospects for their financial professionals. Brad has spent most of his life living on the coasts of Michigan. He is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys fiction writing and playing guitar to relax.