Over the last 10 years, we have learned that many successful advisors, entrepreneurs and businesses employ and execute on the EOS model or the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” framework.  The EOS model is designed to resolve persistent challenges, improve goal setting techniques, and bring operational efficiencies within growing organizations.  This collection of concepts and practical tools is utilized by more than 170,000 companies around the world to help achieve their vision.  The model also helps correct organizational issues to help put people in the “right seats” within a team.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin speaks with Mitchell York, his own personal Certified EOS Implementer and coach.  Mitchell discusses the EOS framework and how successful businesses, and advisors are adapting this mode to keep a laser like focus on their biggest “rocks” or organizational goals.

Mitchell and Jon discuss:

  • The “why” behind the EOS model and how it is utilized within organizations.
  • How an outside implementer or “prophet from another land” can enhance what you are looking to accomplish within your organization.
  • A breakdown of EOS’ “Six Key Components of Any Business” and how each components works together to encompass the entire picture and critical functions of a business.
  • The framework behind the EOS’ VFO Approach – or a “quick snapshot” for the business.
  • How to help people understand how to “own their seat” within the organization.
  • The difference between self-implementing vs. utilizing an EOS implementer to assist you with the process and Jon’s personal feedback on the pros of using an implementer within our organization.
  • How to actually “move the needle” with key issues within your organization.
  • And much more!


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About our Guest:

Mitchell York’s corporate career spanned more than 20 years and included several senior executive positions. He was president of LendingTree.com in its start-up phase, and later was president of the email marketing company NetCreations Inc. He was the founding publisher of TechWeb, in 1994, and vice president and founder of the Internet division of international media company CMP Media Inc. He also was senior vice president of Ziff Davis Media where he published InteractiveWeek, one of the first newspapers covering Internet technology.  In 2002, he founded E2E Coaching, where he now focuses most of his time.  E2E Coaching provides coaching to C-level executives, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and senior sales executives utilizing the EOS model and framework.