The advice industry is changing rapidly.  The pandemic has greatly accelerated the pivot to a complete digital client experience and has also caused a “shake-up” within the M&A world as business owners look to sell and merge their existing practices for a greater benefit.

This week, we are back with a special episode featuring Tony Sirianni, CEO and Publisher of AdvisorHub.  Jon Kuttin speaks with Tony to discuss his opinion about where he sees the industry heading over the next few years as teams consolidate and advisors move to other firms.

Advisors, if you are interested in where the industry is headed over the next 5-10 years, this forward-looking episode will be a treat for you!

Tony and Jon discuss:

  • AdvisorHub’s print magazine and how it has become a relatively overnight staple and go to publication for advisors in the industry.
  • The “move to the middle” concept happening within most advisory firms and how some firms are already there and ahead of the curve.
  • The concept of thinking of your producing advisors as “baseball players” as opposed to “football players” when building your team and why this is so important.
  • The foundation of how the advice industry is “getting out of the weeds” with the day to day advice to clients and and more focusing on the long term planning and relationship side of the business.
  • Tony’s opinion about where the industry is heading and how the different affiliation models are changing within the industry.
  • Tony’s update on TROs for advisors moving firms and the underlying concerns.
  • How the industry seems to be misguided on the concept of “junior” advisor training and development and how the current models do not support development in the traditional sense with how most advisors grew up in the industry.
  • How the “entrepreneurial spirit” seems to be dying within the industry with the next generation of advisors.
  • Tony’s opinion about aggregator firms vs. firms who are looking to build a real culture and purpose within their organization.
  • Tony’s opinion on how digital marketing fits into the advice industry and how it has become a necessity to build your digital presence


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About our Guest:

Tony Sirianni is a twenty-nine-year financial services industry veteran and the Publisher/Owner of AdvisorHub, the nation’s leading Financial Services news website. He is the former Managing Partner of Sirianni Strategy Group, President of Steward Partners Consulting Solutions and founding partner of both Steward Partners Holdings and Washington Wealth Management (CEO), two of the fastest growing RIAs in history.

He was an Executive Director and Complex Manager at Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, and Legg Mason.He ran a bank brokerage program at Crestar bank in its Richmond headquarters, was Director of Annuities for Mass Mutual Insurance in Va., ran an internal wholesaling team for Oppenheimer Funds at the World Trade Center, and was a broker at Merrill Lynch on 5th ave. in Manhattan.

He has been roundly acknowledged by the financial press as an innovator and thought leader in the emerging post-wirehouse advisor world.
He turned AdvisorHub from a salacious blog, into the most respected advisor news site on the street. His innovative publishing ideas like AH’s Deals and Comp pages, RIA Center, Recruiting Wire, Enforcement section, etc. are much copied by competitors. He holds seminars for marketing execs and advertising firms on mega-trends in the advisor marketplace. His opinion articles are known to drive policy decisions at major firms.

He has created the industry’s top culture survey, and the Industry in Transition event, an annual sold-out advisor and industry leader event in NYC that brings hundreds of the top advisors in the country together to hear from C-suite leadership. He is a sought-after speaker on industry trends and challenges.
Tony has done extensive business planning with hundreds of Advisor teams, groundbreaking RIAs, and Fortune 100 institutions. He is a consultant to some of the largest and best firms in the financial services industry. His podcast attracts leaders of the nation’s largest advisor firms as guests of his one-on-one interviews. His opinion is sought by industry leaders on all advisor facing topics. He has JD, MA, and BS degrees.