As advisors and business owners, we tend to always have a focus on the next big growth goal, acquisition, or expansion within our business.   But is more always better?

On this episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors, Jon Kuttin reviews talking points and reflections about whether it may be time to focus on what you have already built and put a process in place to go deeper with your existing business.

On this episode, Jon overviews all facets of Organic Growth Strategies Including:

  • Organic Referrals
  • Driving Your Client Experience
  • Streamlining Client Communications
  • Rightsizing Your Pricing Model
  • Client Segmentation
  • Vision Planning or a “Vision Day”
  • Staff Effectiveness
  • Controlling Expenses
  • Spending Time Prospecting vs. Replicating Your Best Clients
  • Increasing the Simplicity of the Business
  • Becoming Referable
  • Winning Wallet Share


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