We are back with Jon Randall & Jon Kuttin with our new Multi-Part Educational Classroom Series for Financial Advisors Looking for Quantum Growth within their Practices!

Join Jon Randall and Jon Kuttin for our introductory episode – Episode 101 – Focused on Advisors Looking to Get to 1M of GDC (production) within their businesses.

Jon and Jon both go deep into an actionable growth plan designed to skyrocket your business to the first key hurdle in our series  – 1 million of production or gross dealer concession.

If you are a new advisor to the industry, having trouble growing your practice to this level, or have advisors under you within your organization who are looking for the right things to focus on – this episode is designed just for you.

Through 100s of coaching and consulting engagements, learn from Jon Randall and Jon Kuttin on what they believe to be the keys to reach this first milestone in your career.

Listen in to learn:

  • The key “critical inch” activities to get you to 1M in production
  • The ideal schedule or model calendar for a solo advisor or advisor with a small team of associates
  • The concept of “plate spinning” and how to focus on the right and most profitable activities that drive real results
  • How to properly think about hiring an assistant or your first associate to start to create scale within your practice
  • How to break through the first “ceiling of complexity” within your practice
  • The concept of Delegating vs. Empowering
  • How to jump off your first ledge and addressing the fear of the unknown
  • How to shift your thinking from looking at additional costs to making investments in your business
  • How to embrace and seek out mentorship at this stage in your career and why it is so important


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About our Guest:

Jon Randall is a Certified Master Coach® and Premier Franchise Consultant who hit #1 in GDC Growth on the FC Scorecard for the advisors he works with all over the country. With more than 15 years of experience as a practicing advisor, Jon works with some of the top financial professionals in the industry – the average GDC for the advisors he coaches being more than $1.2 MM. He is also a national presenter at financial service industry conventions and workshops around the country. Jon’s specialties in consulting include marketing, investments, financial planning, and practice management.