We are back with another episode of Quantum Growth for Financial advisors with Jon Randall & Jon Kuttin.  This week, we continue on our new Multi-Part Educational Classroom Series for Financial Advisors Looking for Quantum Growth within their Practices!

Join Jon Randall and Jon Kuttin for our 201 Episode focused on Advisors looking to reach our next key hurdle of 2.5M of production or gross dealer concession within their businesses.

Jon and Jon both go deep into the next level of running your advisory business and outline key considerations and potential roadblocks that many advisors may face in this stage of their careers so they can cut through the noise and focus on what is most important.

If you are a growing advisor who is in this bracket of 1M – 2.5M of production, and are having trouble growing your practice beyond this point  – this episode will help you break through the ceiling of complexity and get you on your way to forming a true organizational level business in the financial services space.

Through 100s of coaching and consulting engagements, learn from Jon Randall and Jon Kuttin on what they believe to be the keys to reach this next key milestone in your advisory career and business.

Listen in to learn:

  • The differences between lifestyle practices and early ensemble practices and why a lifestyle practice may be OK for your personal goals.
  • How introducing the concept of leading other people adds to the complexity behind your practice and how to successfully navigate it.
  • How practice valuations impact a lifestyle practice vs. early ensemble practices and the considerations behind buying each type of business.
  • Breaking down what an early ensemble practice looks like in practice and how to work to add your first associate or junior advisor.
  • How to utilize and breakdown the DiSC assessment within your practice to drive results.
  • How to break through the second “ceiling of complexity” within your practice by outsourcing your highest volume and most time consuming tasks and focusing on the first revenue producing tasks to outsource.
  • Breaking down the fear advisors have of a junior advisor possibly stealing their clients and how to retain that advisor in the most impactful way.
  • Why it’s ok to not to “hire yourself” or someone as good as you to start to work with your valued clients and the underlying process behind that.
  • Why documenting your process and the way you do things is absolutely paramount for scaling your advisory business in this stage.


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About our Guest:

Jon Randall is a Certified Master Coach® and Premier Franchise Consultant who hit #1 in GDC Growth on the FC Scorecard for the advisors he works with all over the country. With more than 15 years of experience as a practicing advisor, Jon works with some of the top financial professionals in the industry – the average GDC for the advisors he coaches being more than $1.2 MM. He is also a national presenter at financial service industry conventions and workshops around the country. Jon’s specialties in consulting include marketing, investments, financial planning, and practice management.