Join us today for a special episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors where we delve into how we teach advisors that we coach at Kuttin Consulting Group about our own internal processes and systems to build relationships with CPAs and accountants.

Today, we review the 1st and 2nd meeting process and framework that we have trailblazed to form fruitful and productive relationships with accountants as wealth managers and financial service professionals.

Listen in to learn:

  • A basic overview of warm and cold prospecting techniques to start to engage accountants and CPAs.
  • How to leverage your existing client base to engage more accountants than you ever thought possible.
  • How to cold prospect accountants through phone calls and leveraging LinkedIn.
  • How to simplify the relationship building process by taking away any initial expectations.
  • Why advisors are so hesitant to engage accountants and how to start to demystify the unknown behind this process to unlock your firm’s true growth potential.
  • Tips and tricks around framing your advice model to the CPA in a way that makes sense to them.
  • A comprehensive review of Kuttin Consulting Group’s “1st meeting” process and the conversational pieces with the accountant to start to build trust and deepen the relationship to stand out from the crowd.
  • How to frame and properly setup the “2nd meeting” with the accountant or CPA to keep your sales process moving forward.
  • What to do in the “2nd meeting” with the accountant and why.
  • Thoughts from Jon and Joe about how and why to structure your client service and planning process to make it as natural as possible to include the CPA’s input
  • Jon and Joe also review basic scripting and conversation starters to start to get real engagement from accountants.
  • And much more!


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About our Guest:

Joseph joined Jon’s wealth management practice in 2012 as a junior associate. He quickly found a strong niche building relationships with local CPAs and accountants on Long Island and in New York City to help source new clients and professional alliances to the practice.  He currently works as the Marketing Director for the Kuttin shell of organizations and also works closely with 20+ CPA and attorney partners in the firm’s tight knit network. Joseph has deep experience developing inside sales teams to reach niche target markets within the financial services space, focusing specifically on Centers of Influence and targeted recruiting.  At Kuttin Consulting Group, Joseph manages the sales and onboarding of advisors and accountants into our various coaching programs and also acts as a general coach in helping advisors work smarter with accountants and other professionals to help them realize their business and personal goals.