We are back with another episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors to pick Jon Kuttin’s brain on his favorite leadership quotes and sayings.

Today, Jon Kuttin and Joseph Greco go deep into a few of Jon’s favorite concepts and sayings and explain how to apply them step by step to your business:

  1. Vison Plan Desire – what does this phrase mean, how does it apply to your business, and how do you maximize the value of this concept as a leader of your organization
  2. What is your Story – what does this phrase mean, why mindset is so important, and how dispel limiting beliefs

Listen in to learn:

  • A complete breakdown of the Vison, Plan, Desire concept and framework to think ahead about the growth of your business and why rarely people can think big enough about their future
  • Differentiating working “in the business” vs. working “on the business”
  • A rehash of explaining leading vs. lagging indicators
  • How to bring your vision to life and get your organization aligned with the “desire” part of the equation
  • How to stop assuming everyone in your organization is aligned with your goals, and how to work to engage them and hold them accountable
  • Why mindset is absolutely key to long term success and how to dispel limiting beliefs
  • How to become more self aware as a leader and professional
  • The comfort vs. growth concept
  • How to change your mindset to a “yes I can” mentality
  • How to train your brain to create new habits and “think about your thinking” and the “leaner vs knower” concept


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