We are back with our another episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors with Jon Kuttin to learn how you can become an author in the financial services space.

Join Jon Kuttin and Paul G. McManus of More Clients More Fun and author of The Short Book Formula: A Financial Professional’s Guide to Writing a Book in 6 Weeks to Attract Ideal Clients

Jon and Paul discuss Paul’s book writing process and how he and his firm can help you become an author in 6 weeks or less.  Tune in to learn:

  • How Paul got started working with financial professionals
  • How Paul discovered “the short book formula” was a better outline and avenue for client communication.
  • Why becoming an author has a higher level of prestige than other forms of writing.
  • The concept around authority marketing and why it is so important as a financial advisor
  • Paul’s overview of his short book formula and how he can help a financial professional execute a book within 6-weeks.
  • Examples of historical short books and why they were so successful and impactful.
  • How Paul leverages Amazon.com with his internal process.
  • How Paul structures his books for his clients to target a niche and how he encourages his clients to think about their ideal target audience.


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About our Guest:

Paul G. McManus is the founder of More Clients More Fun LLC, MCMF Publishing, Creator of The Million Dollar Producer LinkedIn Program, and host of The Million Dollar Producer Show Podcast. He has worked closely with over 500+ financial advisors, CPAs, life insurance producers, and business advisors since 2015. He is also the author of Million Dollar Producer: The Secret Playbook For Financial Professionals To Land High-Value Clients Using LinkedIn. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Atsuko and his two Boston Terriers, Moo and Potato Chips.