We are back with our newest episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors for a special treat for our audience this week.  This episode, we speak with Mary Schmid, author of Make or Break Conversations: How Smart Financial Professionals Land New Clients and Keep Them for Life to learn the neuroscience and communication techniques to have better and more meaningful conversations with your prospects and clients.

Join Jon Kuttin and Mary to learn how to level up your communication skills, navigate difficult conversations and ultimately create real, deep and meaningful relationships with your clients so that they never leave you or your advisory firm.

If you are a financial advisor, accountant or financial services professional, you do not want to miss this episode!

Tune in to learn:

  • How and why Mary started working with financial advisors.
  • The neuroscience behind trust, conversations and connecting with clients.
  • Why Mary also believes that financial professionals are leaders of their clients, and how to tap into that mantra to empower yourself as an advisor.
  • The concept behind creating trust and the relation to oxytocin and cortisol.
  • Breaking down Mary’s 3 levels of conversations – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and why each level has a predictable result.
  • A deep dive into the first 2 levels of trust and why we need these levels of conversations from time to time with real examples.
  • Why 85% of conversations never get past level 2 and how to work to increase your level of communication.
  • Why level 1 and 2 conversations may not resonate with your clients, but you actually think that they do.
  • A detailed discussion about how to get yourself to level 3 communication by creating real connections.
  • Why your clients want a personalized relationship and a behavioral coach / guide in their financial advisor.
  • Mary’s generous offer to Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors listeners!


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About our Guest:

Mary Schmid, author of Make or Break Conversations: How Smart Financial Professionals Land New Clients and Keep Them for Life, teaches business leaders and professionals how to have a different type of conversation – by discovering how to listen deeply, ask questions about what really matters to their clients, and make other people feel safe, understood, and heard.   Grounded in neuroscience, her Conversational Edge curriculum is about showing how to lead conversations that beget trust, so people want to hear what you have to say.  Mary is an award-winning master coach, professional speaker, and educator. Find our more about Mary’s work at her website www.MarySchmid.com