We are back this week with another episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors to talk about technology, scale and efficiency as it related to client communication in the wealth management industry.

Filling in for Jon this week is Joseph Greco, who talks to Ryan George, CMO of Docupace about what he believes is a golden opportunity in the wealth management industry today that few advisors are taking advantage of.

Joseph and Ryan discuss two key subjects on this episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors:

  • What Ryan believes are the current shortfalls in our industry today including:
    • Failing to battle the “old guard” of senior and veteran advisors to actively change their thinking
    • Not enough focus on guiding clients and the younger generation through the future $68 Trillion Great Wealth Transfer that we will see in the future.
    • Advisors Failing to Modernize or “Futureproof” Their Business
    • Advisors Not Investing in Scale
    • The Reliance on Archaic and Outdated Marketing Strategies, such as client newsletters and market updates
  • How can Advisors be Better Equipped to Serve Their Clients Today Outside of Being Wealth Managers and Portfolio Managers:
    • Educating Clients and Prospects on Cybersecurity/Fraud Scams
    • Educating Clients on Prospects on Health & Wellness
    • Tax Planning/Laws
    • Empathy, Interpersonal Communication & Diving Deeper into the Purpose/Meaning of Your Client’s Retirement and Golden Years


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About our Guest:

Ryan George is the CMO at Docupace, a leading cloud-based fintech platform that simplifies how financial services/wealth management firms process and digitize data, lowering back-office costs and increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits.

Ryan has 15+ years of marketing and communications experience in the financial services industry. Before joining Docupace, he served as the Assistant VP, Marketing and Communications at 1st Global, a software solutions provider for CPA firms, where he spearheaded lead gen efforts and contributed to double-digit revenue growth.

He has also held marketing leadership positions at specialized asset managers – GuideStone Capital Management, based in Dallas, and U.S. Global Investors in San Antonio.  In addition to being a finalist for the WealthManagement.com broker-dealer Chief Marketing Officer of the Year award in 2019, Ryan was also a finalist for the 2022 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARIES.

He is a former chair of the Financial Services Institute Marketing Growth and Development Council, composed of top-level sales, marketing, and business development executives from across the industry and a member of the Forbes Communications Council, an invitation-only, fee-based organization of senior-level communications and public relations executives.