Jon Kuttin was featured on the Women Choosing Growth podcast with Tina Sue a few weeks ago and we wanted to repost it to our network for our Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors to listen in!

On this episode, Jon talks about his journey from being a financial advisor to becoming a business owner, and how he got involved in leadership after his first year. He also shares his experience of starting from scratch, working from his basement, and building his business through cold calling and effective sales and marketing.

Jon also explains how he built his team of hundreds of people who are on the same mission and how he provides exceptional service to his clients, helping them learn from the mistakes that he made.

Tune in to hear Jon’s advice on leadership, grit, and passion for what you do, and how you can overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.


What You’ll Learn in this episode of Women Choosing Growth featuring Jon Kuttin:

  • How Jon went from being a financial advisor to becoming a business owner with almost 200 employees.
  • How to get from zero to about a million dollars in revenue.
  • The reason many businesses get stuck and how to avoid getting stuck.
  • The importance of mindset in achieving success, including the mindset of overcoming obstacles.
  • What are the five levels of leadership and what types of leaders you need in your business.
  • And so much more…


Women Choosing Growth Podcast with Tina Sue

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