We are back with our next FASS founder spotlight on the Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors podcast. Today, we introduce Frank LaRosa, CEO and President of Elite Consulting Partners.

The Financial Advisor Success Syndicate is a free group for qualified financial advisors and wealth managers who want to learn and grow alongside some of the best thought leaders in the industry.

Tune in today to hear from Frank hear why he partnered with Jon to get the FASS off the ground and where he believes he will provide the most value to our members and advisors.

Listen in to learn:

  • What the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate is
  • Frank’s motivation and “why” behind the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate and why he believes advisors will greatly benefit from the group.
  • How Frank looks at the industry today and where he sees the group in the future.
  • Frank’s hope and vision behind his role in the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate and where he believes she will provide the most value to our advisors in the transition space.


About our Guest:

Frank LaRosa has achieved a distinguished career in financial services, spanning more than 25 years. Frank is a sought-after industry leader whose expert opinion is frequently quoted in publications including Investment News, OnWallStreet, AdvisorHub, and Forbes Business Council. Frank began his career in the business sector after graduating from Kean University with a B.S. in marketing. His resume includes financial advisor positions at Smith Barney and Prudential Securities, as well as executive director for Morgan Stanley. In 2011, Frank launched his company Elite Consulting Partners, a transition consulting firm with a unique, advisor-first approach to recruiting. Under Frank’s leadership, Elite Consulting Partners has become one of the most prominent, successful, and well-respected recruiting firms in the industry.

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