We are back with a special episode this week before Thanksgiving featuring Ray Kelly on the Million Dollar Producer show, hosted by Paul G. McManus.

In this episode, Paul welcomes leadership expert Ray Kelly to his podcast. As a leadership coach and a pivotal figure in the financial advisory world, Ray has dedicated his career to empowering financial advisors and executives with unparalleled leadership skills. His unique approach has transformed countless careers and companies, making him an authority in fostering leadership cultures within organizations.

Ray is not only adept at nurturing individual talent but also excels in creating an environment where leadership thrives collectively. As a founding member of the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate (FASS), he has a wealth of experience in guiding professionals to achieve extraordinary success through visionary leadership.

Listen in to Learn:

The Importance of Leadership Skills for Financial Advisors

  • Ray emphasizes the importance of honing leadership skills for financial advisors who want to grow their practices.
  • By becoming better leaders, financial advisors can develop the next generation of leaders within their organizations, allowing them to take on more responsibility and grow their skill sets.
  • Leadership skills help advisors mobilize a group of people around a common cause and drive consistent results.
  • Ray shares the five levels of leadership, developed by John Maxwell, which discuss the attributes and competencies necessary for effective leadership.

Case Study: Jon Kuttin

  • Jon had a big vision for growing his firm but was feeling stuck and frustrated.
  • Ray helped Jon realize that he needed to develop leaders within his organization to achieve his vision.
  • By implementing a level five leadership development program, Jon has been able to consistently drive results and grow his firm.

Leadership and Vision for Financial Advisors

  • Ray and I delve into the crucial aspects of leadership and vision for financial advisors.
  • Ray recounts his journey from being a solo contributor to becoming a leader, highlighting the pivotal challenges in shaping a clear vision for his team.
  • They discuss the indispensable need for financial advisors to establish a guiding vision, mission, and set of values, which are essential in decision-making and providing direction to their teams.
  • Ray puts a spotlight on the evolving nature of the financial services industry, emphasizing the shift towards high-touch, relationship-based services and the significance of client segmentation.

The Financial Advisor Success Syndicate

  • Ray details the collaborative effort behind FASS, founded by seven experts each with distinct specializations, aiming to foster a space for sharing growth strategies and ideas among financial advisors.
  • He points out that participating in FASS is a crucial 10% activity in adult learning, underscoring the importance of not just learning but also implementing these insights into practice.
  • Ray shares three pivotal questions that drive effective learning and action: “How can I use this?”, “Why must I use it?”, and “When will I use it?”, encouraging listeners to adopt a proactive approach to their professional development and growth.


About our Guest:

Ray Kelly has been with Think2Perform since 2010. He has dedicated the majority of his career to the sales side of the business and focuses on developing high-performance leaders and teams. Ray has a passion for helping people reach their potential and shape the cultures they live in through breakthrough leadership development training.

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