We are back with another episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors to bring back Ray Kelly to the show!

On this episode, Ray discusses how to achieve full engagement from a team. Ray emphasizes the importance of understanding employee motivations and delves into some key insights and findings on how to influence that process inside your organization in a positive way.

Listen in to learn:

  • How to Engage Your Team for Growth
  • Insights From a  Self-Assessment Survey Done on This Topic
  • How to Motivate People and Align Your Firm with Intrinsic Rewards
  • A Deep Discussion on the Seven Motivations for Leaders
  • Insights on Self-Assessment and Prioritization
  • Understanding Motivations and Leadership
  • A Discussion on Truth and Coaching


About our Guest:

Ray Kelly has been with Think2Perform since 2010. He has dedicated the majority of his career to the sales side of the business and focuses on developing high-performance leaders and teams. Ray has a passion for helping people reach their potential and shape the cultures they live in through breakthrough leadership development training.

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