On this week’s episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors, we welcome Mike Futterman!

Mike and Jon discuss the importance of advisors narrowing down their client base to a manageable number and providing exceptional service beyond just financial aspects in today’s competitive marketplace.

The conversation revolved around the impact of chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and cortisol on human emotions and relationships. Mike emphasized the long-lasting effect of how people are made to feel and the importance of creating positive experiences for clients, friends, and family. We discussed a specific approach for leaders to instill a culture of making others feel valued, using the example of welcoming new team members with personalized gestures and encouraging them to create similar positive experiences for clients.

The discussion also touched on the evolving landscape of the financial advisory industry, emphasizing the shift towards a planning-based approach and the significance of asking pertinent questions. Both Jon and Mike stressed the need for advisors to understand and segment clients beyond traditional metrics like assets and revenue, encouraging them to consider attributes such as referral source, ease of working with them, and personal details. Additionally, they both discussed the increasing demand for coaching services from clients experiencing significant life changes, emphasizing the critical role of financial advisors in guiding clients through these transitions.

Listen in to learn:

  • Introduction to Mike Futterman and his Passion
  • Narrowing Down Your Client Base
  • Discussion on Differentiating and Transforming Financial Advisors
  • How to Create Memorable Experiences for Clients
  • Client Appreciation Event and Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Creating WOW Moments and WOW Experiences for Clients
  • Shifting Focus and Identifying Client Needs


About our Guest:

Michael Futterman is a speaker and coach to financial advisors with over 20 years of experience working in the management consulting and financial services sectors.  His focus has been on team effectiveness, client retention, business growth, brain health, maximizing performance, and positive work culture​. He helps his clients identify and overcome human capital and strategic challenges through providing practice management, executive leadership, personal wellness, and business development coaching and consulting. 

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