On this week’s episode of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors, we welcome one of our most successful coaching clients – Jared Cohen, CEO and founder of Onyx Bridge Wealth Group.

Jared shares his journey from a large broker dealer to launching an RIA and the remarkable growth his team has undergone. He discussed the organic nature of their growth and the strategic decisions that have contributed to their success, offering valuable insights for financial advisors seeking to achieve similar quantum growth. Jared and Jon also explore the transformation from a solo practitioner to adopting a CEO mindset, emphasizing the need to let go of client-focused work and focus on business development. They also discussed the intricacies of structuring client relationships within their partnership, emphasizing the collaborative approach to managing clients and revenue sharing.

Jon and Jared discuss the importance of choosing the right partner in business arrangements and having legal agreements in place to protect the business and its relationships. They also emphasized the significance of trust and the need for legal protection in business relationships, acknowledging that client feedback and concerns are also part of the process. They also discussed the significant growth of their business over the past few years and their focus on leadership development and team building.

Jared also talks about his company’s plans for geographical expansion and building the organization’s brand nationally. They both explained that advancements in technology have enabled the company to conduct business remotely, leading to national expansion with advisors and staff members situated across various states. Additionally, they discussed the potential for establishing satellite offices and strategies for bringing in more clients through acquisitions, mergers, and CPA partnerships.

Listen into this episode to learn:

  • Jared’s journey from the broker dealer world to launching an RIA and the remarkable organic growth his team has experienced.
  • Insights on strategic decisions contributing to Jon and Jared’s success in the industry that other financial advisors seeking quantum growth can learn from.
  • Both Jared and Jon’s transition from solo practitioner to CEO and a discussion on the mind, with a focus on discussing the shift from client-focused work to prioritizing business development and leadership.
  • The importance of choosing the right partner and having legal agreements to protect business relationships is also highlighted, along with the significance of trust and client feedback.
  • Jared and Jon’s plans for geographical expansion and national brand building, leveraging technology for remote business operations and strategies for client acquisition through partnerships.


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About our Guest:

Jared Cohen has spent over two decades helping individuals and families with their finances, specializing in financial planning, wealth creation, retirement income planning and legacy planning. His holistic approach to wealth management is based not only on the stage of the client’s life, but also how they want to live a life that’s truly driven by their closest-held ideals. This approach serves as a guiding principal for all activities at Onyx Bridge Wealth Group and was the impetus for forming Onyx Bridge Elite Partners so that advisors had access to a comprehensive suite of services, tools, and professionals to deliver a superior client experience. As CEO of Onyx Bridge Wealth Group, Cohen oversees all client facing activities and provides leadership for our advisors.