Welcome back to the show Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors listeners!  Today we welcome back Paul G. McManus and Tony Maree Torrey of More Clients More Fun (MCMF) Publishing to discuss going deeper on synergistic marketing in the financial services industry.   Paul and Tony introduce the concept of the “influencer accelerator” strategy to leverage guest podcasting to attract ideal clients into your financial advisory practice.

The podcast discusses the value of writing a book for financial advisors to establish authority and stand out in a competitive industry. Paul and Tony emphasize the importance of being perceived as an authority figure in marketing and sales, attracting high-quality leads and “pre-suaded” clients who are already inclined to work with you. They also highlight the benefits of combining a book, LinkedIn, and public speaking, emphasizing the synergistic effects and the potential for expanding your professional network and influence.

Jon, Paul and Tony also dive deep into the differences between guest podcasting and hosting one’s own podcast and discuss the significance of public speaking in author promotion and audience engagement, showcasing the evolution of skills and authority.

Tune in to learn:

  • The Benefits of Writing a Book
  • Importance of Authority Marketing and Book Writing
  • The Authority Marketing Concept
  • Leveraging a Book, LinkedIn, and Public Speaking in Tandem
  • Guest Podcasting vs. Hosting Your Own Podcast
  • Insights on Podcasting and Book Writing
  • Utilizing Services and Niche Marketing
  • Leveraging Guest Podcasting for Author Promotion
  • Leveraging Multiple Channels for Marketing Success
  • The Importance of Credibility in Podcast Guest Selection
  • The “Surround Sound Marketing” Approach


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About our Guests:

Paul G. McManus is the founder of More Clients More Fun LLC, MCMF Publishing, Creator of The Million Dollar Producer LinkedIn Program, and host of The Million Dollar Producer Show Podcast. He has worked closely with over 500+ financial advisors, CPAs, life insurance producers, and business advisors since 2015. He is also the author of Million Dollar Producer: The Secret Playbook For Financial Professionals To Land High-Value Clients Using LinkedIn. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Atsuko and his two Boston Terriers, Moo and Potato Chips.

For 20 years Tony Maree Torrey has been hired by Financial Professionals, Founding CEOs, celebrities, athletes and other top performers who want to make a difference for themselves, their business and the future. With the power of traditional coaching and psychology, evidence-based, advanced modalities and smart business strategies clients learn to WIN FROM WITHIN, activate their highest impact and expand personal fulfillment.