Welcome back to Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors!  This week, we welcome back Bill Cates again, the referral coach to discuss his new book “The Language of Referrals: The Words & Scripts Financial Professionals Use to Gain More Ideal Clients” and to talk about how to truly believe in the value you provide to your clients.

In Part 2 of this 2 part episode, Bill discusses how to be assertive in seeking referrals from satisfied clients and provides basic templates and word tracks to help advisors gain this confidence in conversations with their clients.

Tune in to learn:

  • The breakdown and framework of Bill’s new book The Language of Referrals: The Words & Scripts Financial Professionals Use to Gain More Ideal Clients
  • Examples of How to Become Referrable
  • The Language Around Referability
  • Jon’s Personal Experience Utilizing Bill’s Referral Model Inside of His Wealth Management Firm
  • Creating Confidence and Worthiness Around Asking for Referrals as an Advisor
  • How to Actually Weave Towards the Actual “Ask” for the Referral Using Bill’s Language and Thought Process
  • More Wordsmithing from Bill to Help Advisors with Referrals


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About our Guests:

Bill Cates is a high-energy speaker who motivates by sharing proven ideas and strategies that work. Bill has helped over 20,000 small business owners and salespeople build thriving referral-based businesses – where the phone is ringing with referred customers/clients. And Bill has helped large companies increase sales and cut hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing expenses at the same time!

Bill Cates is  the author of three popular books on referrals: Get More Referrals Now!, Don’t Keep Me a Secret!, and Beyond Referrals: How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Turn Referrals into High-Value Clients. Bill is the president of Referral Coach International and the founder of The Referral Coach Academy.

Bill Cates’ client-acquisition system has been featured in such publications as Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power, the Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Bill’s seminars are high energy, and high content. Bill is the kind of speaker who prefers to talk with his audience instead of talking to them. Therefore, you can expect a highly interactive session. You can also expect to receive powerful and practical strategies that will have an immediate impact on your business.