Welcome back to Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors!  This week, Jon interviews Brittany Anderson about her concept of the 90-10 transformation, which addresses the challenges faced by highly driven individuals in the financial industry. Brittany shared insights into the impact of the pandemic on different individuals, highlighting the distinction between those who accelerated and those who experienced burnout.

The discussion delved into strategies for effective leadership and self-development, with a focus on allowing the team to set deadlines and aligning core values. Brittany highlighted the Impact Filter tool and the concept of profound simplicity as valuable resources for high-achieving advisors.

Jon and Brittany both emphasized the importance of self-awareness and intentionality in achieving success, drawing parallels to a race car analogy to emphasize the need for focus and dedication. They also discussed the effective use of systems and 90-day cadences to work on business and personal growth, stressing the importance of setting intentional time aside. The conversation also emphasized the importance of self-leadership, integrating learning with execution, and the role of coaching in personal and professional growth.

Brittany also highly recommends Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s book, “Be Your Future Self Now,” as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to define their future self and make decisions in alignment with their future vision. The book is suggested for its ability to prompt readers to consider how their future self would approach various aspects of life and decision-making, and to apply those insights in the present.

Tune in to learn:

  • Introduction and Discussion on the “90-10 Transformation” Concept
  • Jon and Brittany’s Viewpoints on Leadership and Team Management
  • Jon and Brittany’s Outlook and Insights on the Pursuit of Happiness and Balance
  • Visualization Exercise for Life Balance
  • A Discussion Around Self-Awareness and Intentionality
  • Why Systemization is so Important
  • How to Look at Work-Life Balance and Prioritization
  • Strategies for Effective Leadership and Self-Development
  • A Discussion around Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s Book “Be Your Future Self Now”


About our Guest:

Brittany is a business owner, entrepreneur, author, MAMA, wife, motivator, lover of all things inspirational.  She helps people realize that all that you want in life is possible, regardless of your circumstances. When she’s not head down building her businesses, you can find me soaking up sunshine, creating special memories with my three babies, working on the next reno project with my hubs,  reading a good book (when I get my 5 minutes of peace and quiet!) or hanging with friends that make my heart full and my belly hurt from laughter.