Through Kuttin Consulting Group, we bring you the

Financial Advisor Success Syndicate (FASS)!

In this exclusive, FREE online community and educational platform, Kuttin Consulting Group and growth minded advisors will get the expert advice necessary to optimize their financial advisory practice by learning directly from the industry’s top thought leaders. The FASS program will guide advisors towards success by curating the most impactful content from each of the founders available through FASS 24/7, fostering relationships with other like-minded financial professionals, offering one-on-one coaching, and hosting free educational webinars designed to maximize business results.

The Financial Advisor Success Syndicate team includes:

  • Jon Kuttin, CEO of Kuttin Consulting Group
  • Frank LaRosa, CEO – Elite Consulting Partners
  • Anton Anderson – CEO, Elite Resource Team
  • Tina Beck – CMO, Elite Consulting Partners
  • Jon Randall, PhD(c), Founder of XFA.COACH
  • David Grau Jr. – CEO, Succession Resource Group
  • Ray Kelly, Senior VP – Think2Perform

The FASS program will allow advisors to connect in peer-to-peer learning environment while benefiting from the industry’s top thought leaders all of whom represent the pinnacle of financial services education and leadership in their respective fields.

Each of these financial professionals are deeply committed to enhancing their personal and professional growth and are passionate about helping others do the same. Co-founding FASS was their way of giving back to their peers.

All seven of these experienced industry leaders will share their insights so that others can implement the same strategies and build profitable, sustainable businesses. Topics covered will include strategies for transitioning advisors, how to build CPA partnerships, mindset coaching, leadership development, digital marketing strategies, business planning, mergers and acquisition, succession planning, and ways to build a more valuable business. Advisors are encouraged to embrace the path to success within this community that is passionate about pushing boundaries, fostering growth, and achieving extraordinary results.

Join us today!  Apply for membership to the Financial Success Syndicate here:

We hope to see you there.