Jon Kuttin, CEO

Jon Kuttin is a Barron’s Hall of Fame Advisor with 25+ years of experience leading and growing a financial advisory practice. Driven by a mission to build leaders and give back to the financial services industry, Jon launched Kuttin Consulting Group to provide training and consulting services from seasoned practitioners. Jon is skilled at building companies, M&A, leadership, Professional Alliances, Recruiting, and other growth oriented activities. He regular speaks and contributes articles and has been featured in a number of publications including Financial Advisor Magazine. In addition to serving as CEO of Kuttin Consulting Group, Jon serves as a partner in Haydenrock Solutions, a consulting firm helping CPAs build 21st century practices.

Joseph Greco, Regional Sales Director, Operations Director

Joseph joined Jon’s wealth management practice in 2012 as a junior associate. He quickly found a strong niche building relationships with local CPAs and accountants on Long Island and in New York City to help source new clients and professional alliances to the practice.  He currently works as the Marketing Director for the Kuttin shell of organizations and also works closely with 20+ CPA and attorney partners in the firm’s tight knit network. Joseph has deep experience developing inside sales teams to reach niche target markets within the financial services space, focusing specifically on Centers of Influence and targeted recruiting.  At Kuttin Consulting Group, Joseph manages the sales and onboarding of advisors and accountants into our various coaching programs and also acts as a general coach in helping advisors work smarter with accountants and other professionals to help them realize their business and personal goals.

James Sanford, Sales Manager – Elite Approach / CPA Foundations Program

James began his career in 1995 as a financial advisor with The Teacher Consulting Group in San Diego after graduating with a degree in Business Management from the University of Southern Colorado. In 2000, he founded his own boutique real estate and investment company called JD Consolidated Real Estate LLC.  The primary focus of his business was to help his clients gain financial independence by repositioning their portfolios with proven real estate strategies. James joins ERT with a strong marketing, business development, and direct sales background.  He is also an expert in raising capital for joint venture and investment projects.  Outside of work, James is a motivational speaker, attends church, enjoys working out, and playing sports.  He currently resides in Long Beach, California.

Todd Steinberg, Coach

Todd Steinberg offers more than 20 years of experience emphasizing sales, marketing and business development in the industry of marketing accounting and financial services. The scope of Todd’s experience has spanned virtually all aspects of the accounting practice marketing industry. A respected leader in the industry, his experience includes developing new marketing strategies, training program sales, integrating financial planning and payroll services into accounting practices, hiring and training of marketing personnel for accounting and financial firms nationwide and speaking at regional and national conferences as an authority on marketing accounting services and financial services in tandem.